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On Thursday July 13, 2017 Colby College announced its exciting new collaborations with both Herring Gut Learning Center and Up East INC.’s Allen Island. The busy day began with many people form Colby coming to Herring Gut Learning Center for the first time. Our students in our summer “First Work” program gave tours and truly stole the show. After wonderful and thoughtful comments by the Chair of Herring Gut’s Board, Peter Harris, Executive Director Sam Belknap, and President of Colby College, Dr. David Green, most in attendance spent the day on Allen Island learning about the Colby’s activities there.

The entire day was a celebration of how Herring Gut and Colby are partnering to increase student’s access to education, whether they are in middle school or college. Below are slinks to some of the press postings so you can experience at least some part of the day’s magic.

Incoming Colby Students Get Education in Island Life

On Private Maine Island, Hands-On Learning Meets High-Level Education

Herring Gut Learning Center and Allen Island

Allen Island: A Living Lab Where Students Can Learn From Fishermen, Scientists, Historians and Artists

Thank you for supporting Herring Gut Learning Center and all we do for our students. Partnerships like these that can truly change the lives of innumerable students would not be possible without your generous support!


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