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Herring Gut's Aquaponics Ambassadors

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Students at Herring Gut Learning Center recently started a new initiative called the “Aquaponics Ambassadors” which is designed to spread their knowledge of aquaponics to different schools and classrooms.


Middle school students in the RSU #13 Alternative Education program take classes at Herring Gut two days a week and learn science, literacy, and math by managing a small aquaponics greenhouse and hatchery and running a business called “School of Roots.” Recently, they visited Mrs. Basset and Mrs. Brewster’s second grade classrooms at Thomaston Grammar School with toolboxes, tubing, pumps, and other materials and helped them set up small aquaponics systems. As a follow-up, second graders at Thomaston Grammar got the opportunity to visit Herring Gut to tour the fish hatchery, greenhouse, and learn how to maintain their aquaponics systems. Herring Gut’s students will be on call to help out the second graders as they begin their aquaponics adventures!    


Herring Gut Learning Center, a non-profit education center in Port Clyde, partners with local schools to present hands-on classes in aquaculture and marine science, offers a Professional Development Institute for teachers, and presents summer programs for children and the public. For more information please visit


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