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2012 Herring Gut School of Roots Students

Celebrating Another Great Year

It's unlikely that I will ever forget today. It was a beautiful, sunny, early June day on the back lawn of the Center overlooking Port Clyde Harbor. The lupine was in full glory, and a baker's dozen smiling faces sat in the front row for the year-end graduation celebration.

Joy and intense affection, pride, and humility are what I felt. The students who arrive at the Herring Gut Learning Center in early autumn are not the same people that attend this annual, early summer ritual. They have changed. They have found in themselves, things they only hoped were there. And the staff and teachers who work with them, respect them, laugh with them, and push them through the fall, winter and spring, create the place that allows them to be who they are and find who they'll be.

I had a chance to connect with several of the parents. Jack's dad, a successful carpenter, who struggled to get through school himself, told me that before entering this program, Jack was failing every single class. He has completely turned around in this setting, (he's read nearly 100 books this year!) and he gave some really great remarks as president of the School of Roots today. Several students spoke at the ceremony and there was a very warm thank you from one to "Mrs. Wyeth" for all she has done for the Center. This is a unique place. It is a wonderful opportunity for this community and the children and families we serve.

~ Paul Anderson, Board Chair

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