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A painting of the Port Clyde Sardine Factory gets passed around

A painting of the Port Clyde Sardine Factory gets passed around

Packed in Like Sardines!

The audience spilled out into the halls, outside to listen at the windows, and piled up ten deep at the back door during Wednesday night's presentation: Port Clyde Sardine Stories from Herring Gut.

Former factory workers were there (including locals and ladies "from away"), Flossie Schwartz, the daughter of Samuel Zwecker, owner of the factory, many of his grandchildren and great grandchildren, folks who grew up here, or have adopted Port Clyde as their home only recently, as well as the current owner of the factory property, were all there to listen, chime in, amend, and clarify stories about our sardine-packing history.

Some folks were discouraged by the crowd and wandered away immediately, others loitered in the halls and at the windows to see film footage from the factory or listen to the stories and the poems presented by Karin Spitfire and Gary Lawless.

It is apparent that this topic holds a lot of interest and meaning for our community and we are considering another, larger, venue in which to gather again. Stay tuned.


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