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Two Open House visitors show off marine-themed face paint

Two Open House visitors show off marine-themed face paint

Alex Brasili shows juvenile lobsters to Open House visitors

Alex Brasili shows juvenile lobsters to Open House visitors

A rainbow visits the Open House

A rainbow visits the Open House

Herring Gut Open House A Success!

At 3:45PM on Tuesday, June 26th, the sunny skies of Port Clyde opened to a massive downpour. Staff and volunteers at Herring Gut Learning Center anxiously awaited the 4:00PM start of their Open House, wondering how the strange weather patterns of the day might impact attendance. By 5:00PM, the Center was flooded not by precipitation, but by visitors from the community all gathered to see the inner workings of Herring Gut. The successful Open House welcomed more than 150 people to enjoy tours, children's activities and a wonderful presentation by students, staff and Board members.

Around the beautiful, blooming campus, staff members and students shared information about Herring Gut's Alternative Education Program, the First Work Experience for Young Teens, Professional Development Institute, Outreach Programs, and Short-Term Academic Programs. Visitors explored the grounds with a map, and children searched for treasures at each program area.

Dozens of visitors noted that, although they live nearby or have spent many summers in Port Clyde, they had never before been able to take the time to visit Herring Gut. A couple of attendees joked that they had no idea Herring Gut is, in fact, devoid of herring! Others were intrigued by aquaponics, a process they had never encountered first-hand before. Kids of all ages bounded down the campus hill with colorful fish painted on their faces, asking directions to the lobsters in the Salt Water Lab, a favorite site of the evening. "It is remarkable how long it takes a lobster to mature from such a miniature creature to that giant crusher claw," one visitor remarked.

The Herring Gut Learning Center staff and Board were thrilled to see such a range of guests at the event. Visitors included first-time Maine vacationers to lifelong residents, giving everyone insight about the inner workings of our marine education center. The early downpour was followed by a double rainbow as the Open House came to a close. What an omen for Herring Gut and the community!

Join us for other Herring Gut events this summer, such as our Salt Water Series and Community Market & Campus Tours throughout July and August. For more information about upcoming events, visit http://herringgut.org/forcommunity.html

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