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Jessica and Patrick Duffy in the Greenhouse with SOR students

Jessica and Patrick Duffy in the Greenhouse with SOR students

Herring Gut School of Roots Students Learn from Local Restaurateurs

Middle school students at Herring Gut Learning Center run their own aquaponics business, the School of Roots, growing and distributing produce and fish to grocers, schools and restaurants in the Mid-coast. They recently had a chance to learn more about business management and the restaurant industry from Jessica and Patrick Duffy, a manager and chef respectively, at two local restaurants.

After providing the Duffys with a tour of their greenhouse and tilapia hatchery they sat down to seek advice on marketing techniques, customer expectations, determining capacity for filling orders and how to maximize profits. A conversation about interview skills and work ethic followed. "Jessica said when hiring employees she looks for people with good manners, who are well dressed, look her in the eyes when they talk, and aren't afraid to work. I will remember this when I go on job interviews in the future" said Jack Dehlinger, School of Roots President and middle school student.

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