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View from the Lobster Pound Wall

View from the Lobster Pound Wall

Port Clyde Fresh Catch Fish Cutters

Port Clyde Fresh Catch Fish Cutters

K-Tubes at BioProcess Algae

K-Tubes at BioProcess Algae

Marshall Point Sea Farm

A New Vision for the 21st Century Working Waterfront
The Marshall Point Sea Farm has been part of the Herring Gut Learning Center's waterfront campus on Teel Cove, at the edge of Port Clyde harbor, since 2012. The property includes a 7000 square foot industrial building formerly used as a commercial shellfish hatchery, an attached greenhouse and historic bait shack set alongside a lobster pound. In its new life it is being leased from Herring Gut by two, cutting edge marine-related businesses.

Port Clyde Fresh Catch, an innovative fishermen-owned seafood processing and marketing business, is an extension of the Midcoast Fisherman's Cooperative, whose mission is grounded in ecological and financial sustainable fishing practices and developing innovative ways to market seafood. Port Clyde Fresh Catch's business model has captured the attention of the commercial fishing and seafood industries on both the East and West coasts. BioProcess Algae LLC, a New England-based biotech company, is also leasing space in the Marshall Point Sea Farm. BioProcess Algae LLC is cultivating and researching strains of algae with commercial applications as a new, non-grain-based food source for aquaculture and agriculture markets, as well as biofuels applications. In addition to providing employment opportunities, both companies are leaders and innovators in their respective markets. These two businesses are providing inspiration and learning opportunities for students studying and running their own businesses at the Center.

Herring Gut Learning Center's origins are rooted in the Marshall Point Sea Farm. The Marshall Point Sea Farm was established in 1997 by Tenants Harbor resident, Phyllis Wyeth. Both the Marshall Point Sea Farm and Herring Gut Learning Center were born out of concern that as wild fish stocks declined, communities like Port Clyde, who made their living from the sea, needed to develop new, sustainable economies. A pilot aquaculture-based, science program was created and students from the St. George School worked along with employees in a commercial shellfish hatchery operated by Mrs. Wyeth in the Marshall Point Sea Farm. The enthusiasm of the students and the resulting effectiveness of project-based learning in a practical, real-world environment inspired Mrs. Wyeth to found Herring Gut Learning Center in 1999 and, subsequently, to build a separate, student hatchery, where students could learn and manage their own entrepreneurial aquaculture business.

A new, 21st century vision of the working waterfront and the local economy lives on in Port Clyde through the Herring Gut Learning Center and the Marshall Point Sea Farm.

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