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Herring Gut Learning Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, political affiliation, age, or religious beliefs in the administration of its programs.

Available Positions

We currently have one open position at Herring Gut Learning Center.

Grants and Marketing Manager

Supervisor: Executive Director

General Function: The Grants and Marketing Manager acts as the primary grant writer and lead media relations position at Herring Gut. This position supports the activities of the HGLC through increased revenue from grants and through management of external communications. This includes website and social media updates, outreach to donors and contributors, and the overall brand management of Herring Gut’s presence. In addition, this position is directly involved in planning and implementing special events. This position works under the direct supervision of and reports to the Executive Director.

Compensation: $40,000-$50,000 depending on experience, plus benefits. This full-time position will allow for applicant to work from home approximately 30% of the time.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in business, sales and marketing or other related discipline, prior related experience preferred. Demonstrated successful grant writing, marketing and brand management. The Grants and Marketing Manager must possess the ability to cold call individuals, foundations, and companies, and present organized proposals in a one-on-one and group setting. This position requires the ability to communicate orally and in written form effectively with internal and external customers. Must be a proper role model and able to relate and communicate well with children (students) and adults.

 Job Functions:

  • Understand, interpret, and articulate the mission of HGLC.
  • Research, write, and track grants
  • Work with Development Committee to establish a yearly grant calendar
  • Manage the online and in-print presence of HGLC
  • Foster personal relationships with the organization’s major donors.
  • Prepare correspondence/mailings for fundraisers: letters, flyers, return envelopes, invitations, brochures, “thank you” cards, etc.
  • Develop promotional materials to establish and maintain an image consistent with HGLC mission throughout events.
  • Coordinate with marketing function.
  • Assist ED and accounting function with formulating annual Development Plan.
  • Support broad organizational involvement in fundraising efforts, including Board of Trustees.
  • Track and report the status of all proposal components to the ED.
  • Respond to donors’ needs and follow through on all aspects of request, both written and verbal.
  • Continuously develop personal knowledge and growth by identifying developmental needs and participating in appropriate trainings and activities.
  • Manage the fund raising/development database and make recommendations regarding upgrades as necessary.

Special Fundraising Events

  • Plan, manage, and implement successful strategies for all special fundraising events. This will include such tasks as recruiting participants, selling tickets, and soliciting sponsorships, as well as handling the logistics of each event
  • Track/maintain Profit and Loss Statements for each event to insure each meets/exceeds budget expectations.
  • Coordinate volunteers to assist with preparing mailings (stuffing, sealing, labeling, etc.) and to assist with the events (registration, set-up, take-down, etc.).
  • Schedule special event committee meetings in conjunction with the ED.
  • Provide marketing material as requested by the ED.
  • Maintain accurate records pertaining to each fundraiser.
  • Maintain a professional relationship with all clientele and other staff members.
  • Other duties as requested by the ED.

End Results:

 This position results in:

  • Increased revenue to HGLC supporting our overall mission
  • Increased online and in-print presence of the organization
  • Special events are successful in both public appearance and meet/exceed budget expectations
  • Increased exposure of HGLC and its facilities

Job competencies:

  • Strong writing and editing skills
  • Strong creative skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Excellent organizational, planning, and prioritization skills.
  • Ability to interact with staff of all levels
  • Team player
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to prepare & produce reports HTML and other website based proficiencies
  • Experience with Adobe InDesign or similar programs
  • Excellent computer skills, e.g. typing, spreadsheet maintenance, visual presentation platforms
  • Must Maintain confidentiality
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Critical thinking
  • Flexibility

For more information please contact us at, or call 207.372.8677 and ask for Sam Belknap.

To apply please send a resume and writing sample to: 

Herring Gut Learning Center

59 Factory Rd.

P.O. Box 286

Port Clyde, ME 04855

(207) 372-8677


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