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Marine Science

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Mark holds a giant blade of kelp at Drift Inn Beach

Mark holds a giant blade of kelp at Drift Inn Beach



Lobster Investigations

Lobster Investigations

Herring Gut Learning Center's marine science
programs engage students by immersing them in hands-on lessons and activities closely tied both culturally and economically to their coastal communities.

Science comes to life in the tide pools, mud flats, sand beaches and estuaries of mid-coast Maine. Suddenly the study of cell biology, classification, and anatomy makes sense through the up close examination of lobsters, urchins, clams and periwinkles. Resource conservation and sustainability are clearly understood by investigating the effects of human influence on Maine's fisheries and coastline.

Working in partnership with local school districts, hands-on academic credit courses are offered to students in grades 6-12.

Use the links below to learn about some of our marine science classes:

HGLC New Lobster Investigation Program

Marine Science Community Outreach Programs


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